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My Summer at the Pink Flamingo

My Summer at the Pink Flamingo

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Bella Marshall’s life as she knows it is screwed.

A cheating fiancé, a treacherous sister, and a summer at what can only be described as a an old folks home. Oh, and she’s just fallen for her best friend.

Bella and Jamie’s relationship was always clear cut. They were friends, end of story. 

But when Bella’s high profile wedding ends in disaster and Jamie, her knight in a flight attendants uniform, saves the day, she sees him through new eyes. What’s changed? Is it his heroics, his good looks or is Bella simply on the rebound? 

Jamie is a Manwhore. 

At least that’s the term of endearment given to him by his best friend Bella. He knows it’s true though. It’s not his fault. It serves a certain purpose to be seen like that by her. 

And flitting from woman to woman is easy when you’re a flight attendant. With short stopovers in sunny climes, his hook-ups know the score from the start.

Can Jamie put his womanising ways behind him, and be what Bella really needs or will he hurt her and ruin their friendship forever?

Whatever the answer, the outcome will change their lives.

Join Bella for a summer getaway at the Pink Flamingo, where unexpected friendships are formed and others become complicated.

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