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Game Series Book 3 - Game Changer

Game Series Book 3 - Game Changer

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A Scottish Hollywood actor and a strip club owner. A match made in paparazzi heaven.


Can a friends with benefits relationship ever be just that? Me and my best friend Buckie certainly thought so. Until he got his big break and Hollywood stole him from me. 

It broke my heart to let him go and it shattered me when I realised all too late that I was in love with him.

Now he’s back, and looking to pick up where we left off. I know it’s dangerous waters to consider treading. 

And I’m about to find out just how dangerous his world is when my life is upended at the hands of the baying paparazzi.

I love him, but is it enough to live my life through a lens for?


Zara was my best friend, the love of my life, the one I could tell anything to. So why couldn’t I have told her I loved her? 

I left Scotland for Hollywood with so many regrets, so when a London premiere allows us to reconnect I all but jump at the chance to see her again. 

Time has done nothing to quash my feelings for her, but I know she’ll never feel the same about me.

Convincing her to pick up where we left off has been surprisingly easy, but my life is about to be sabotaged. It’s going to wreak havoc with our fragile relationship and potentially ruin Zara’s life.

I have to find out who is behind this smear campaign or risk losing my best friend forever.

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